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Havasupai – The Beautiful Falls

imageHavasu Falls was just a short walk from our campsite. Like walking from your hotel room to the pool  but the hotel is the entire Grand Canyon, and the pool is the most amazing turquoise-blue waterfall with amazing vegetation and dramatic cliffs! 🙂imageMicah, the man smart and nice enough to make the reservation for everyone, getting ready to jump off a set of falls.


I wanted to stay another couple weeks at this beautiful falls, but no pass and running out of food. Will go for a week or three next time 🙂

Havasupai – Trek to the Falls

Havasupai – Trek to the Falls
image Starting the 10-mile trek from the top of the Grand Canyon, across the canyon floor, and into the Supai village  image A native driving horses out of the Canyon. There are no cars in the Canyon. It’s interesting to see people using horses for transportation and hauling, the same way they have for hundreds and thousands of years. image Enormous rock formation on the way to the falls. The history of the Grand Canyon is that Chuck Norris jumped out of a helicopter and dropped a mean round-house kick on the Canyon – shearing the walls. Then he spit and formed the waterfalls – forever creating one of the most beautiful places on Earth! 😉image Rachel and Sarah on the way through the Canyon..image After about 4 or 5 hours of hiking, we came across beautiful Havasu falls – the first large waterfall of the trek. The beautiful turquoise water is due to the lime/travertine-heavy rocks, and make a beautiful pool to swim in 🙂
imageThanks for bringing me along Sarah!! 🙂

Havasupai: Nonsense at Hotel on the Way

image Zoomie the Dinosaur was relocated from another location where the town didn’t think it fit in with the western vibe. How would a big sea foam green brontosaurus not fit in anywhere?!?
image Raaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!image We played a fun game called tickle the tassels. Someone sits in the golf cart while contestants try to skim the hanging tassels with a frisbee – and extra points for hitting the scorekeeper inside 🙂
image Rachel preparing another classic game – hit the beer off the PVC pole with a frisbee. Nick was king! Rachel has some work to do 😉image Sister Sarah chillaxin on the Tassle Cart.
image Preparing for Tickle the TassleimageBeautiful sunset over the motel on the evening before we headed out to Havasupai. We were drinking quite a bit this evening, which made an awesome 4:30AM start the next morning! 😉

Havasupai – Grand Canyon – On the Way

Havasupai: On the Way – Dinosaurs, Supplies, Smile, Moose, & Middle of Nowhere
image Ever read “The Things They Carried?” This trip was less metaphorical, but just as many things in the pack! My sister Sarah was nice enough to get food and other supplies so we were organized 🙂 image We stopped at a roadside cafe on Route 66 for our last hot meal before heading to the hotel nearest the Supai land. The Moose was calling to us! Photographer Bryan, Sister Sarah, Sarah’s super hiker friend Rachel, and Frisbee extraordinnaire Nick.
image Things got a little squirrelly at times heheheimage Lifes not that bad, even when it’s shitty! Let alone when you’re on your way to one of the most beautiful places on Earth! There was another sign about smiling above the Checkin counter. Ironically, the woman at the front desk didn’t smile at all :-/
image “Thank you for staying with us in the Middle of Nowhere. We appreciate it?” This may have been a communication issue, but still pretty funny hehe. The Grand Canyon Caverns Motel really is in the middle of nowhere. No cell service. No internet. This was my first time away form the Internet for several days since I quit my job for my furnished rental business, so got a little nervous! :-/

TriSarahTops! Much love! Our hotel came not only with a mini putt-putt golf course, but dinosaurs!! Raaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!