THAILAND – Phuket work retreat 2017! Above is my business manager Isara and her Thai friends w/ all of us out drinking and dancing. Later, my Indian assistant and her husband joined us. This is our first work retreat for my furnished rental business, the SF Bay Area enterprise that funds my travel around the world 😉 

The four of us taking a break for lunch in beautiful Rawaii Beach 😉 My business manager, Isara, lives in Phuket. So I flew out to meet her in person, after working together on Skype for months. Shipra lives in Southern India, and had never left the country before! She always wanted to go to Thailand, so I flew her and her husband out for a couple weeks of work retreat, and some paid vacation to visit Pataya and Bangkok 🙂

Phuket “town,” the actual city of Phuket on Phuket island, has all kinds of interesting colonial style architecture, along with a mix of old buildings and crumbling,  industrial-style warehouses. There’s also some cool street art. Nice juxtaposition of both in this shot.. That’s a little restaurant on the corner of the lot between the two buildings..
A delicious traditional Thai meal in Phuket town with my business manager. This meal was sooooo good!! Delicious noodles, curry, some marinated pork coming later, and of course, some scotch 🙂A beautifully concocted old fashioned. They twisted the lemon peel into the ice cube. Nice zest 😉
Party night out with Isara and her friends in Phuket. We went to this funky bar in Rawaii Beach called the Sunshine Bar 🙂  It has a stripper pole and all the “waitresses” are lady-boys. (The girls in the picture above are not).  They include tiaras, crowns, and bunny ears for all guests 🙂 Don’t I like cute with a tiara? (OK, not as good as the rest of them lol)

Here’s a shot of the bar and pole, which most of Isara’s friends were able to climb, and ring the bell at the top 😉

This guy was hitting on me a good chunk of the night, so I pretended to give him a kiss at the end of the night.

Isara and I having a drink before getting the party started.

One of our work locations during Furnished Home Retreat 2017! We worked at a bunch of different cafes, bars, and resorts around the island during the week. F*ck working in an office! The internet is all over! 😉Isara’s friend Abby came out to Phuket for her birthday. So we went out to party in Patong, a dirty little town about a half hour from Rawaii Beach. Lots of wild bars, women, and shows you don’t even want to hear about!
This was a cool little bar I ran across when riding a scooter around town. I just loved the mish mash of “found item” art, knick knacks, metal, and that old school shack feel that is so prominent in Rawaii Beach 🙂

There is quite a bit of open space in Rawaii Beach on the outskirts of town, beautiful palm trees, and in this case, some livestock grazing the fields..

I got a pool villa for our work retreat. This was a 3 bedroom, 3 bath detached single family home with a pool, for about $100USD/night. Lots of value out in Thailand! And yes, the Furnished Home team gets to drink while working! 😉

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