Tagaytay is relatively small city just a couple hours South of Manila, and at an elevation of 2,000 ft (630m), was the first time I had felt cool air since I had landed in Phuket more than a month ago! (ahhhhhhhh!). Manila residents come down in the Summer to get away from the punishing heat. I traveled to SE Asia without a single hoodie/sweater/jacket, It’s so warm and humid, even the nights are fine without cover. But this was the first place I had to go out and get something to put on my arms. Almost felt like SF for one day!

In the center of Tagaytay is a large lake with a dormant volcano in the middle. It makes for beautiful scenery in the background. This is a shot from the top of “People’s Park in the Sky.” I tried to rent a scooter for the day, but couldn’t find any companies, so got a local to ride me around on the scooter to check out some sites.
Another shot from the edge of People’s Park.Soooo beautiful up here! 🙂
Working again. It would be nice to never have to do anything, but have to manage my manager, develop strategy, and make sure everything’s going well in my businesses. But if you have to do some work, better to do it with a beautiful view like this than sit in an office 😉
Like Thailand, there were lots of signs for properties and lots for sale, lease, and construction going on.. The back of this lot has panoramic views of the lake and volcano. Would be a perfect spot for some vacation huts. Who wants to partner up on this…?!

When I first arrived in Tagaytay, I hadn’t booked a place to stay. So I just walked down from the main road to some restaurants, and was greeted by this beautiful view, played a few songs on the ukulele, had a few beers, and relaxed a little 🙂

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