PHILIPPINES – Puerto Princesa

The underground river is a UNESCO Heritage Site and one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It’s the longest navigable river inside a cave in the world, and amazingly beautiful 🙂  The only thing I’ve seen remotely close to it was some amazing underground caves and river in Mallorca, Spain. The boat ride out, monkeys running around, and mangroves made it extra special 🙂The boat ride out was a little choppy. These are the standard boats you see all over the Philippines, with a bamboo floatee on each side to keep the boat stabilized. We’re riding with one side pretty far out of the water here. Fortunately, I don’t get sea sick, unlike others.. The mangroves have lots of wildlife, including this creepin’ monitor lizard. This one is just a baby. The long, wiry roots of the mangrove trees crawl their way into the brackish water below.

Arriving at the cliffs just outside the underground cave’s entrance. The cave is very dark, so not many pictures there..

Silly monkey running across the walkway to the caves.

Fantastic rock formation near the underground caves in a grassy field 🙂 I heard they filmed one of the “great race” episodes or something here. But don’t watch much TV. Beautiful spot 🙂

One more shot of the path to the mountain..

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