Working from a beautiful beach-front “resto-bar” on the beach in El Nido.
Panoramic view of beach in downtown El Nido. We visited the large rock formations in the background on an island-hopping trip snorkeling a couple days later.

This is the “power house” room at a restaurant on the way to El Nido. Electricity goes out from time to time in El Nido, so many restaurants have generators. Others have no connected power at all in more rural areas, and only use generators when they need to.

Heading into the “large lagoon.” There are several lagoons created by large rocks jutting up out of the water, sheltering the water in the cove from the rougher waters out in the ocean. Lots of pretty fish in the water here 🙂

Panoramic shot from another side of El Nido after I rode through the forest on the scooter 😉

This is the lush forest on a remote road going out of El Nido.

….which I road to on a scooter as usual 😉

The kids in El Nido move around in roaming packs, seemingly without parents. But they seem to stay safe, and are a perfect example of what you really need. Their favorite game is filling a plastic bottle with water or sand. Then they take off their flip flop (or borrow a flip flop if they have no shoes), and slide the flip flop down the street to see who can bowl over the bottle.

These kids are playing a different game.. Jumping from bag of clothes to bag of clothes in a kind of “king of the mountain” / run in circles kind of game. It’s all about the little things in life 😉

Having a cocktail with my travel partner before the sunset 😉

Amazing sunset bouncing off the water in front of the bar where we’re having cocktails.

This is a standard roadside restaurant in the Philippines. No real appliances. No oven hood or sprinklers. There are propane tanks under a counter, and some burners to cook the food. Usually one sorta-chilled refrigerator (I call “Asia cold.”) Some pots, pans, utensils, and you have a low-startup operation! You could pack up the whole thing in 20 minutes, and no one would ever know you existed..

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