PHILIPPINES – El Nido Night Life

I started the night at the Reggae bar, right on the beach front in El Nido. Lots of friendly people (mostly travelers) dancing and relaxing to Reggae music. Here’s a shot from the second story loft down onto the dance floor. I happened to run into the lead singer from the band at about 3AM later in the night walking down the beach.. but that’s a story for later! (hint: what do Reggae singers do late at night? hehe) After walking out of the bar with a beer down the beach around midnight, I ran into some Germans spinning poi and drinking on the beach..
This woman rocked with the poi! What a great night standing in the warm ocean, warm air, watching everyone have fun, entertain, and enjoy life 🙂When ukulele meets poi… a match made in heaven 😉  The Germans were super friendly, and gave me their poi to spin around, while I lent them my ukulele to rock out on.. We ended up spending a few hours playing and drinking on the beach in the balmy SE Asia night 🙂
Turns out she’s played ukulele before! It was great rocking out with some strangers, drinking whiskey and beer, talking about Germany and Oktoberfest (prost!) and traveling the world 🙂 They were on a 4 week tour through the Philippines, and enjoying every minute! 🙂
SMILE Looks good on you 🙂  Going back into the Reggae bar to get some beers to go, I noticed this lovely paint on the wall.. Smile looks good on you 🙂 Live it!
They were all super friendly and hung out for hours 🙂 Even got an invitation to come out to Germany to party and enjoy some of the local flavors 🙂

Some local Filipinos ended up joining us when they saw the poi, music, and laughing. After hours of ukulele, drinking and having a good time, we exchanged numbers, and started my way back down the beach toward the apartment at about 3am.. when I ran into the lead singer from the Reggae band from earlier in the night! Him and some friends were cruising down the beach to enjoy a little of the Reggae flavor.. why not!?

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