Havasupai: Nonsense at Hotel on the Way

image Zoomie the Dinosaur was relocated from another location where the town didn’t think it fit in with the western vibe. How would a big sea foam green brontosaurus not fit in anywhere?!?
image Raaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!image We played a fun game called tickle the tassels. Someone sits in the golf cart while contestants try to skim the hanging tassels with a frisbee – and extra points for hitting the scorekeeper inside 🙂
image Rachel preparing another classic game – hit the beer off the PVC pole with a frisbee. Nick was king! Rachel has some work to do 😉image Sister Sarah chillaxin on the Tassle Cart.
image Preparing for Tickle the TassleimageBeautiful sunset over the motel on the evening before we headed out to Havasupai. We were drinking quite a bit this evening, which made an awesome 4:30AM start the next morning! 😉

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