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HANOI – Strangers, Food, Club, Balloons

imageDelicious Bun Cha and fried rolls. Chase it down with some Hanoi beer. You put all the basil, mint, garlic, leafy greens in the fish sauce and pork – then throw in some vermicelli noodles 🙂 yummmmy!
imageJen and I ended up eating/drinking/working from his restaurant (mostly drinking hehe) for about 6 hours or so, and chatting to this lovely young Vietnamese woman, Amy.
image Amy was so friendly and fantastic 🙂 She told us about life in Vietnam, dating, marriage, paying for government jobs… Shockingly, she has never traveled further than Halong Bay (a few hours by scooter from Hanoi). So I invited her out for a free stay in San Francisco  hopefully she’ll make it! 🙂

imageThis was after many beers and rice wine, just outside the restaurant. Delicious Bun Cha, flowing booze, awesome company! 🙂

imageSome street vendors I was chatting with for a while. The two young guys run a street stall in a busy alley packed with locals and tourists. They were helping me hunt down supplies on the street, so I hung out at the restaurant for a while, had some food and beers. These 2 were pretty funny. They love American stuff and western culture. Bleached blonde hair. English writing on clothes. The woman stopped for a drink after selling me an awesome Hanoi tshirt.
imageThey were selling balloons in the back of the club for 30k dong, or about $1.25 USD. They were pumping these things out!!
imageView on the way up the stairs to the mezzanine.
imageDoesn’t look too different from a club in the US.. All American music too. Mostly rap/hip hop music.
imageOn the way out to the airport, another car hit the back of my taxi at a slow speed. My driver got out, and after yelling at each other for a few minutes, the other driver gave him a small wad of cash, and we were on our way! No insurance. No authorities. Just cash.

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