Hanoi – What can fit on a scooter?

What can fit on a scooter? You’d be surprised! Scooters are a way of life in Hanoi. The workhorses of transportation. And I was shocked what can fit on them! image There are only 3 here, but have seen up to a family of 5 on a scooter! Young beautiful people also like to just cruise around at night. Vespa’s are the most prized possessions (as are IPhones and other more expensive imports)  image what else? About 40 dozen eggs!! There are racks on the back of many scooters, which fold down, to pile supplies on. Shot this from my own scooter, which was carrying… Only me!
imageAbout 300 pounds of concrete mix! Not even piled on the back. This guy is filling his partners lap wh bags of concrete. Fortunately, the ballast will keep him safe, rather than wearing a helmet 😉

image This was one of the larger loads I saw strapped in.. Ropes, bungees, and a lot of luck! This was mostly filled with toys for the Mid-Autumn festival, which is a bright, loud, festive holiday – like a harvest festival.
imageBia Ha Noi!!! 3 kegs is nothing! This is the most popular beer in Ha Noi. Something like their PBR or Budweiser.  I like Bia Saigon, which is a little skunkier, like Heinekenn.

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