WEST TEXAS – Massive Windmill & Train Track Coins


Ever put coins on a train track to flatten them? I have, and it’s a fun souvenir!IMG_4391Bam! Just like that, some fresh, new change 😉  *Don’t try this at home kids. Always be careful playing on the train tracks 😉IMG_4444Ka-chingIMG_4466This was particularly amazing to me. As I was driving down the 10 in Texas, I saw this ENORMOUS windmill that was still on the ground, just off the freeway. I took the Bimmer offroad to go check it out. It was the most enormous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Multiples larger/longer than the biggest 737.

IMG_4517This second picture with my car up close to the base show’s a fraction of the enormity of this thing. It was eerie out there in the quiet; a warm breeze blowing; and the enormous mass of windmill creaking slowly in the wind, tethered by a few chains, resting on several blocks of wood. As the massive hull of these blades groaned with movement in the wind, I wondered how flat they could crush my car and body if it fell over…?  (But I got out safely 😉

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