SAVANNAH, GA – 4th of July, Food & Drink, and Family


Dominic! The man! My 2nd cousin and I didn’t even know what each other looked like before I called him on the way to Atlanta. Yet he invited me into his home and showed me around like we were brothers. Thanks so much Dom! And for all you do to keep helping our troops 🙂 Keep on rockin!! Welcome out to SF for a tour any time!


We stopped into this bar late-night, and they were pouring shots of fireball for the entire bar *on the house* about every 30 minutes or so! Wow! The bartenders were super awesome and fun too 🙂


Some jazz and steaks at Ruth’s Chris on 4th of July before the fireworks. Such a delicious steak, as always, on par with lil’ ol Jocko’s in Nipomo, CA. Steaks. Whiskey. Beer. Fireworks. What could be more American?

Was really interesting.  We were chatting with the lead player in the jazz band is part of some secret society type thing in San Francisco, with corporate execs, high-level government officials, and some musicians. IMG_4158

U S A! U S A!


Hit up a warehouse-style brewer in Hotlanta for some tasty brews. I think this is the longest my beard has ever been. Joining the Amish soon! Out of control!!!

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