ROUTE 66 – Cadillac Ranch, Ukulele, & Get Your Kicks!!

ROUTE 66 –  Cadillac Ranch, Ukulele, & Get Your KIMG_4542Come on! Get your kicks! On Route 66!! Route 66 is a mix of interesting, sad, and adventure. But more on that later.. One of the more unusual gems on Route 66 is the Cadillac Ranch, or “Cadillac Stonehenge.” This started as an art project funded by an eccentric and wealthy gentleman in TX. It was originally arranged like Stonehenge, but then was moved. It’s officially on private property in the middle of a farm. But the gate is open, and they encourage you to bring paint cans to transform the monument while you are thIMG_4554Surprisingly nice paint on this building, for it being a closed-down gas station. Sad to see so many businesses closed down.. IMG_4560This is an abandoned hotel on Route 66. One of many abandoned hotels and businesses. The parking lot is empty and weeds growing rampant through the cracked blacktop. The lobby door is kicked in and swung open, with trash and squatter’s remains strewn about the still-intact building.  The sign stands bold on the roof, but is no longer lit. This was probably a busy road-side hotel for families before they built the interstate system, leaving many of the businesses alongside Route 66 to die. IMG_4566Such beautiful scenery and rocks coming back in towards New Mexico. I stopped for a while to relax and play ukulele on the way back 🙂 Learned a few songs on the road!



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