NV > CENTRAL COAST, CA – Ghost Town, Desert Aliens, & BB&B!

As I was driving through the middle of the desert, I saw a phenomenal beam of light rising from the desert floor. And there were a series of hundreds of beaming lights powering that super-beam. I thought that certainly this must be aliens.. And maybe it was! But it also looks like power! IMG_4640I believe these arrays of mirrors super-heat the big contraption in the middle, heating some kind of liquid that turns a turbine of some kind to generate electricity. For all the heat out there, I’m glad they’re doing something with itIMG_4649Ghost Town! Calico is an abandoned mining town out in the desert. I was hoping it would just be desolate, abandoned¬† buildings – but of course, it has been turned into a tourist attraction. They refurbished some of the buildings and have little lessons of the old days taught for the kids.. Not exactly what I was expecting. But interesting to seeIMG_4686My trip came mostly to a wrap-up when I arrived in Nipomo, CA for an annual family/friend gathering called the BB&B (Beer, BBQ,¬† & Baseball) each summer. IMG_4734We visited a neighbors’ party, and this is my Mom and Dad walking my little 1yo nephew down the driveway..IMG_4663Destruction derby! Every year before the BB&B, my family goes to the fairgrounds to watch destruction derby. If you’ve never seen it, cars driving around in circles slamming into each other, trying not to disable their car. The last car running wins! Ironically, this was probably the most seemingly-southern-inspired thing I did on my trip to the South, and not until I got back to my parents’ house in CA! lol


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