NASHVILLE, TN – Country Music, Drinking, Southern Food & Bad-Ass Hotel

JUNE 2016

After 4 days of camping, it was nice to relax in this amazing hotel in Nashville. It is the former Union Train Station, and was converted into a hotel. The entire lobby is filled with natural light from the expansive stained glasss windows that cover the ceiling.



The Nashville Palace is where we ended up our first night in Nashville, listening to Honky Tonk. This location is next door to Cooter’s and Willie Nelson’s Country Store, not far from the Grand ‘Ol Opry. This pic is of the slide guitar. I even got them to sing Happy Bday to Sarah, as this was her actual 30th Bday Night!


Drinks at Tootsie’s, a famous and awesome 3-story Music Hall & Bar with different music on each floor. Good times!!


Late-night drinks on the roof-top deck. Lots of open-air places to drink in Nashville! ­čÖé


Awesome Hatch Show Printing, right next to the Country Music Museum. They have been and are still producing posters for concerts and events all over the country, the old-fashioned way by hand!


Exhibit on Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson in the Country Music Museum. It was interesting seeing how much country has gone all over the place over the years..

IMG_3758Delicious middle-of-nowhere local restaurant in Nashville. Awesome Southern Food!!! Sooooo unhealthy!!! (like most food in the South hehehe)


IMG_3763Sarah and I escaped from the escape game in Nashville!.. along with a group of strangers. I think we had about 30 seconds left, so we were super stoked! It was a lot of fun!! Highly recommended!


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