MISSISSIPPI – Americana: Ice Cube, Firecrackers, Bullshit Peanuts, & Jesus

MISSISSIPPI – Americana: Ice Cube, Firecrackers, Peanuts, & JIMG_4344ICE CUBE! A lot of places I saw in the South put a picture of Ice Cube on the ice machine. Thought that was hilarious! Perfect little scowl too grrrr  :-#IMG_4354Next to apple pie and baseball, everyone knows there’s nothing more patriotic than buying cheap firecrackers imported from China!!! And hey! It was even close to 4th of July! How did I get hooked into this? Marketing!!! As I was driving by the sign below, with the shabby trailer in back, I knew I had to check it oIMG_4352“Happy Independence Day. Light the sky with colorful artillery shell.”  Flanked by flags!?!  USA! USA! USA! The purveyor of the store was about a 532 year old gentleman with no teeth, who lived in the back of the shop (and he smokes! :-/ )  It’s a different world out herIMG_4348Just up from the firework place was this business selling headstones (for the very dead) and a teal corvette (for the very living). I’m sure you could get a package deal if you feel like you’re going to crash the ‘IMG_4345BOILED PEANUTS ARE BULLSHIT!
Boiled peanuts are everywhere in the South. Every gas station, corner store, and outhouse both has them, and advertises them. And I’m still not sure why. Some are even served cold and mushy. My cousin Dominic said something like, “They taste like soggy peanuts that have been sitting in a tub of water for a couple days.” Well I agree! And that’s what they are!! lol

The picture above is actually of an old peanut roaster, at a peanuttery in Biloxi if I’m not mistaken. The peanuts that came out of here were delicious! Throw away those boiled peanut crockpots,  and get more roasters!!IMG_4363 IMG_4373

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