BONNARROO, TN – Music Festival!!! Yoshi, Camping, Booze, Fire, Madness, & More w/ Sister Sarah!!

IMG_3424Bonnaroo 2016!!! This trip was awesome!! 4 days of camping, music, art, eating, drinking, and meeting some really awesome people!!! I flew my sister out from Phoenix for her dirty 30 Birthday, and had an awesome time!! I can’t believe she’d NEVER been to a music festival before! Quite the eye-opener for her!  (and it wasn’t even Burning Man!! lol)


Rocking late-night concert. Performances are all-out, with light shows, fog, fire, blasting speakers, late into the morning.. 🙂


This night was madness!!! After a bit of drinking and what not, we ended up meeting one crazy dude with a Yoshi costume and an RV!! He had lots of supplies, so we spent a few hours chatting, laughing, and trying to help him get his Yoshi costume on..  Can’t even tell you how hilarious this was.. Good times!!


Fire blowing out of the stage in the expansive music festival area with the late-night crowd.


Cooling off under the mushroom waterfall in the blazing hot day!


The water was nice and cold! 🙂


Another late-night party, with dancers spinning poi, huge crowd, and epic stage!!

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