AUSTIN! Boating, Crawfish Boil, Family, & Queso, w/ Lynn Currie!

AUSTIN, TX – Awesome! Thanks so much to my Host, Bad-Ass Custom Home Builder Lynn Currie!

Crawfish Boil!! This is a seasonal tradition in the South and other crawfish-havin’ states. It’s interesting contrasting the similarities of Austin with the South, which is just about as far away as the dry deserts of West Texas (the humidity in Austin is definitely much more like the South too!) Lynn and her friends were nice enough to have me over for a crawfish boil near Lake Travis, before going boating out on the Lake!

IMG_2729IMG_2724LAKE TRAVIS – We got to ride inner tubes off the back of the boat (I’m in the boat here looking back at Lynn and her friend). So much fun!! Felt like I was a kid again!

IMG_2742We had some beautiful days on Lake Travis, cruising in the boat, drinking IPA’s, riding in the inner tube, jumping in the Lake, and having an awesome time!!

IMG_2744Lynn was awesome to let me stay in her beautiful Austin home! 🙂 It’s so great hanging outside in the evenings, enjoying the day in the pool, watching the crazy lightning storms from the porch 😉

IMG_2779And even let my family stay while she was off exploring in the Airstream! My Nephew, Brother, Sister, and Sister in law were in town in Austin from Illinois and Phoenix, and we all got to hang out at the house!

IMG_3174Queso!!! Austin’s favorite appetizer!! Queso comes in many forms. And this one was particularly good! For those who live in California and have never had it, queso is various forms of melted cheese and/or cheese product, sometimes mixed or topped with other flavors or stuff, and served with chips. It’s tasty!! As an all-sorts-of-cheese lover, it’s hard to say no. It’s weird that, much like delicious breakfast tacos, you don’t see queso out in CA. Another regional dish..



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