LAS VEGAS – STRIP, STRANGERS, & KISS TATTOESIMG_4586Cruising down the strip in the convertible on a nice warm night was awesome 🙂 Haven’t been here since I last went sky-diving, as a late-night drunken decision lolIMG_4623Met some strangers at the bar. One thing I found on my trip is that military dudes know how to drink! Everyone Vet I met knows how to slam a beer or two 😉  We had some drinks, lost some money, then saw a lonely lady at the end of the bar.. Come on over!IMG_4600This woman was sitting alone at the end of the other side of the bar, so I asked her to come over and join us. She’s Eastern European and loves this particular bar because they play 70’s/80’s rock. Some further conversation leads to… KISS!!!IMG_4599…KISS!! The band that is!!! I can appreciate anyone who is passionate enough about something to tattoo it in large black figures across their body lol. Still not exactly sure what she is wearing her. But this whole experience was super fun!/funny!! 🙂

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