TEXAS – Huge Machines, Cowboy hat Conference, and Austin Fun!

TEXAS! Everything is bigger in Texas!!! I ran across this machine on the side of the road, and it’s amazing! I wanted to hook it up to the Bimmer battery and see if I could get it fired up, but at about 1/20th the size, I don’t think my car could hold up lol. I would like to see this machine turned into a tiny home.. How cool would that be!?! 🙂


I was planning on going to Austin, but ended up driving the 1,000 miles from Phoenix to Austin in 24 hours because I found out about the HomeAway conference in Austin, TX. This is a conference for furnished rentals, which is a big part of my business, and why I can travel around the country. I also do some business with them, and it was for property owners, so I decided to check it out! First things when I walked in was a cowboy hat! Learned some interesting things and interesting folks at this conference though..
(PS – I will be at the AirBnb Open Conference and hanging around downtown Los Angeles from Nov 11-21, 2016, if anyone wants to join or say hi in LA!)

IMG_2712And what a trip to TX be without BBQ!?! Each region has it’s own flavor of BBQ, smoking, BBQ sauce.. but almost all have delicious brisket!! Brisket is not as popular where I come from on the Central Coast of CA, where smoking is not as popular, and most people use open-air oak BBQ’s. There’s more tri-tip on the Central Coast (try Santa Maria Style BBQ), but lots more delicious brisket & burnt ends out here!

IMG_2992Breakfast Tacos are a huge thing in Austin, TX. What are breakfast tacos? Well, pretty much a taco with an egg in it! lol But they are served everywhere, at almost all hours. I’m a fan! The twist is that they’ll serve it with all kinds of interesting things inside – often BBQ – but also the standards.. There are also TONS of good food trucks in Austin, lots of them in old Airstreams! The shiny aluminum travel trailers have a sort of cult following in Austin..

IMG_2753And will tour through more of Austin in the next post!!

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